:About me:
Hi my name is Elizabeth but people call me Bessie I'm 28 I'm going be 29 in Oct 6.. I'm the oldest in my family I have six people in my family my dad John that is in middle east right now he come home every 2 mouths & my sister Katie & my sister Hannah & my brother Robert, my mom Debra that everybody calls her Debbie...

I'm been writing since I was 18 I'm been writing a series called The Realm the first book is called Maguire's & i have some book of poems called Going Forword that i posted & my art work & i have photos i tuck called from a distance im thinking of makeing it to book or ill put it with my book of poems im hopeing add some more soon. i just started composering musical & play writeing im not that good yet but hopefully ill will be!! i started Wall Flowers that is going be my frist musical that probly not going on stage!! i hope it will but i guess i have to wait for me to be famous writer then a famous composer & play write...

this journal i mostly about me & what i'm geeking out like news & other stuff i'm interested in & my review on tv show & books!!!! if you have any question or idea on what i should put on here email me & i'll answer back as soon as i can!!!

:Books im writeing now: "this r the books im been working on"

the realm series:

Maguire's(done)(typeing it up) " Rosaline & Gerry"

if i have time manhine (done)(typeing up) "Astrid & Amadues"

black vail (writeing chapter 2)"Sydney & logan"

:my plays:"this is some play im going be worlking on if i got the time..."
The wall flowers " im on act one"

in rags "act one/scene 2"

there no place like home

:My loves: " the guys i love "
Hugh Grant,Johnny Depp,Colin Firth,Jude Law,Hugh Laurie"doctor house",Gerard Butler,Freddy Rodríguez,Ewan McGregor,Brad Pitt,Jared Leto,Stephen Dorff,Christian Slater,Marlon Brando,Colin Farrell,Sean Astin,Elijah Wood,Brian Litterll,Drew Lachey,Nick Lachey,Heath Ledger,James Dean,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Joshua Jackson,Mel Gibson,john mayer,keth urban,Robert Downey Jr.,Robert Redford,David Krumholtz,Ryan Gosling,Shane West,Nick Stahl,Kevin Smith,Edward Norton,Jeremy Sisto,Kevin Smith,Will Smith,Michael Phelps,Adam Brody "Seth Cohen",Ed Westwick "Chuck Bass" (don't ask me why i really don't know & he such a ass in show but i guess i like a bad boys lol),Robert Pattinson "Cedric Diggory & Edward Cullen",Gabriel Macht "Johnny",Charlie Hunnam " Jackson 'Jax' Teller",Hugh Jackman,Clive Owen,Jack Black,Nathan Fillion"buffy the vampire slayer,firefly,Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog,castle",Hugh Dancy...

:favotie Actress:
Nicole Kidman,Kate Winslet,Sandra Bullock,Julia Roberts,Lucy Liu, America Ferrera(& one of my heros),Jennifer Aniston,Kate Hudson,amber tamblyn,Ellen Page,

:favorites Director's:(this guys are one who imposer me to do films)
Guillermo del Toro,Tim Burton,the Coen brothers(Joel & Ethan Coen),mel gibson,Joss Whedon,Kevin Smith,Joe Wright,Eli Roth,Baz Luhrmann,Wes Craven,Guy Ritchie,Robert Rodriguez,Quentin Tarantino

:favorite playwright & Composer:
Andrew Lloyd Webber,William Shakespeare,Stephen Sondheim,Jonathan Larson,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,John Williams,

Diana Krall,Norah Jones,Harry Connick Jr.,landon pigg,savage graden,darren hayes,googoo dolls,backstreet boys,3 doors down,jamiroquai,my chemical romance,Michael Bublé,rob thomas,matchbox twenty, inxs,jewel,jason mraz,the smashing pumpkins,keth urban,dave matthews,john mayor,inxs,30 Seconds to Mars,Drew Sarich,International Victim,jim stancek,Mozart,Luciano Pavarotti,Andrea Bocelli,Josh Groban,Fall Out Boy,hootie & blowfish,inkin park,evanescence,Nirvana,Jimi Hendrix,Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Beatles,Led Zeppelin,The White Stripes,the raconteurs,No Doubt, Bush,Marilyn Manson,Nine Inch Nails,Janis Joplin,George Harrison, Wings,Paul McCartney,The Beatles,John Lennon,Hall & Oates,The Who,tears for fears,seal,Lenny Kravitz,Missy Elliott,Sting,Bette Midler,Barbra Streisand,jack johnson,Frank Sinatra,Nat King Cole,Laura Izibor,brandy,Toni Braxton,hanson & many more....

interview with the vampire,American Beauty,Secret Window,Desperado,Once Upon a Time in Mexico,Pirates of the Caribbean:1&2&3,Sin City,From Hell,Blow, Chocolat,Sleepy Hollow,The Ninth Gate,Ed Wood,What's Eating Gilbert Grape,Benny & Joon,Edward Scissorhands,Pulp Fiction,Kill Bill:Vol.1,Kill Bill:Vol.2,Corpse Bride,Nightmare Before Christmas, Big Fish,Batman,Beetle Juice,Smokin' Aces,Girl Interrupted,blade,Harry Potter 1,2,3, Parenthood,Planes,Trains & Automobiles,Uncle Buck, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,White Oleander,I Am Sam,War of the Worlds,Mystic River,Donnie Darko,Misery, Fried Green Tomatoes,Dolores Claiborne,Titanic,Catch Me If You Can,The Beach,Gangs of New York,Romeo + Juliet, Hamlet,10 Things I Hate About You,This Boy's Life,Road to Perdition, Saving Private Ryan, Philadelphia,Sleepless in Seattle, Turner & Hooch,Big,Hanging Up,When Harry Met Sally,Raising Arizona,American History X,Mystic River,The Addams Family,Addams Family Values,A Few Good Men,Far and Away, crash,Amadeus,Underworld,Underworld: Evolution,Dazed and Confused,X men 1,2,3,Can't Hardly Wait,Auntie Mame,The Hunchback of Notre Dame,Jakob the Liar,What Dreams May Come,Good Will Hunting,Disturbing Behavior,Pay It Forward,Secondhand Lions,The Sixth Sense,Se7en,Fight Club,Legends of the Fall,The Fox and the Hound,Kung Fu Panda, Lady and the Tramp,Sleeping Beauty,cars,monster inc, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,Dogma,The Big Lebowski,Pulp Fiction,Reservoir Dogs,Requiem for a Dream,300,p.s. i love you,The Holiday,batman:the dark knight,batman,Batman Returns,blood diamond,The Silence of the Lambs,Star Wars 1,2,3,Robin Hood,28 days later,28 weeks later,Scream,30 days of night,scream series,I Am Legend,Dawn of the Dead,Fiddler on the Roof,Gypsy,rent,The Producers,Across The Universe,Chicago,sweeny todd,Hairspray(& the john waters hairspray),Cry-Baby,funny girl,Oklahoma!,my fair lady,bye bye bridie,The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Singin' in the Rain,guys & dolls,sound of music,king & i,cats,the phantom of the opera,Because I Said So ,The Family Stone,Hanging Up ,The Other Sister,Father of the Bride & II,Annie Hall,pretty in pink,The Breakfast Club,St. Elmo's Fire,Less Than Zero,Sherlock Holmes,Tropic Thunder,Iron Man,Zodiac,A Scanner Darkly,Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,Only You, Chaplin,Soapdish,twilight & many more....

Interview with the Vampire & The Vampire Lestat,The Mummy:Ramses the Damned by anne rice ,The Night Before by Lisa Jackson,Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling, all Nora Roberts books,all Danielle Steel books,Arena by Karen Hancock,Cut by Patricia McCormick,White Oleander by Janet Fitch,Twilight Saga Series by Stephenie Meyer,peeps by Scott Westerfeld,the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward, House of Night Series by P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast,Vampire Huntress Legend Series by l.a. banks,Meredith Gentry Series,Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K. Hamilton,Dark-Hunter Series,by Sherrilyn Kenyon,PS, I Love You,If You Could See Me Now, by Cecelia Ahern,Shadow Game, by Christine Feehan,Gone, Baby, Gone, by Dennis Lehane,blood+ series by Asuka Katsura,Trinity Blood series by Kiyo Kyujyo,loveless series by Yun Kouga,Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris, Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine, Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead, & many more...

:t.v shows:
dexter,real world,the hills 'yes i watch it',roseanne,my boys,er,simpson,king of the hill,six feet under,The Sopranos,top chef,project runway,Real Housewives of NYC,Buffy the Vampire Slayer,angel,brakeing bad,dead like me,blood ties,other side of life,dawson creek,oc,inuyasha,Code Geass,death note,full metal alchemist,inuyasha,blood+,Trinity Blood,Devil May Cry,Scryed,cowboy bebop,dark angel,nip tuck,dexter,true blood,one tree hill,the big bang thory,life on mars,Sons of Anarchy,firefly,bones,will & graces,roseanne,frest prince of bell air,weeds,Californication,dollhouse,Numbers,castle,gossip grils,Ugly Betty,Supernatural,robin hood, being human,& many more...

:favorte couples & characters: " if it has a * in front of it i base my charaters in my books to them !!!"-

t.v shows:

*seth & summer
*ryan & Taylor
*Sandy & Kirsten

dowson creek -
Pacey & Joey

dark Angel -
* Logan & Max
* Alec & Asha
* joshua & annie

nip tuck -
Christian & Grace
Christian & Natasha
liz & sopia

Charmed -
*leo & Piper
*Cole & Phoebe

That '70s Show -
Steven & Jackie
Fez & Jackie
Eric & Donna
Red & Kitty

blood ties-
*Henry & Vicki

Everwood -

Gossip Girl -
Dan & Serena
Chuck & Serena
Nate & Blair
Rufus & Lily

Six Feet Under-
Nate & Brenda
David & Keith

Buffy the Vampire Slayer -
*Buffy & Angel
*Buffy & Spike
*Oz & Willow

Mal & Inara
Zoe & Wash
Kaylee & Simon

*sam & madison
dean & cassie
sam & shara
*dean & joe

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