Monday, December 31, 2012


i posted my book of poem called going forword on wattpad & clover for my first book in the the realm series called magures & kill the messager in my other series called rosaline the vampire slayer series !!! & is you havent seen in the facebook group i'm going do a podcast called theatre geek & basetly the same of what i post here but more horror & geekdom i'll will be talking more about what i love & more reviews about supernatural or movie i love or news on musical or plays or other things!!!! it mostly the same but i think it'll be fun & i might get gusts or my family members on... i think it'll be cool & fun!!! os check out my wattpad page i'll be posting migures soon i'm typeing up the frist chapter now then after that if i had time manhine & black vail then kill messager...

got to blaze elizabeth / bessie