Sunday, October 28, 2012

my review on Funny Games

my review on the movie funny games their are spoiler if you don't want be spoiled then don't read it if you don't care going head!!!

got to blaze elizabeth / bessie

Genre: horror (foreign)
reated : UR
runtime: 1hr & 43 mins
directed & written by : micheal haneke

Synopsis - An affluent German family is settling into their lakeside vacation home when a young man named Peter (Frank Giering) comes to the door asking to borrow eggs. Anna (Susanne Lothar) is alone in the house while her husband (Ulrich Muhe) and son (Stefan Clapczynski) are off swimming. A friend (Arno Frisch) soon joins Peter, and when Anna's men return, the pair takes the family hostage and begins to play sadistic games in this disturbing thriller.

my review - i really like this movie it kinda like american psycho witch i love with the talking to cameria & jumping back to another seance with remote control !!! it's very strang... the middle of movie of the movie was very slow i know the director want show the parnet greaving over their son but i think he should have shorting it little bit but other then that it was good movie.. it kept me on edged the whole time watching this two brother's where they brother??? scraying this people & killing every one they meet!! i though it was intersting that they act like kid like plying hide & seek with the son & playing hot & cold with the mother witch very creepy!!! i really like this it not probly something i wornt watch agein but dosent mean it not great movie it just not something i'll buy & watch it one time thing...

my rating - i give 4 stars if only the director shorting the middle little bit then i prbly gie a 5...

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