Sunday, May 3, 2015

my review on February anime beno

my review anime beno hope you like it...

got to blaze elizabeth / bessie

box subscription :anime beno
theme: anime
how many items: 6

my review : this really cool box i got two action figure one is from kancolle her name is Hiryuu kai it i think this my favorite action figure & the other figure is Sailor Venus she from sailor moon & got naruto patch that of sakura haruno & i got to candys one the chocolate popcale & a candy bar & last
a valentine from meno chain ..
my rateing: i give 5 stars cuise its that awesome..

 kancolle her name is Hiryuu kai more info from link

Sailor Venus she from sailor moon more info on her in this ink

naruto patch that of sakura haruno more infro on here in this ink

 a candy bar from meiji

chocolate popcale

a valentine from meno chain

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