Friday, January 11, 2013

my reviews on splinter

my review on the movie splinter their might be spoilers if you don't want be spoiled then don't read it if you don't care go head...

got to blaze elizabeth / bessie

Genre: horror
Rated: R
Runtime: 1hr, 22 mins
Directed by: Toby Wilkins
Written by: Ian Shorr & Kai Barry

Synopsis - Trapped in an isolated gas station by a voracious Splinter parasite that transforms its still living victims into deadly hosts, a young couple and an escaped convict must find a way to work together to survive this primal terror.

my review - i just love this movie i first heard from the zombie grrls podcast then the next day it was on syfy i only saw the last half witch i like then i dested that i should rent DVDs from Netflix cuise their some movie i want to see that aren't on instant queue !! it's was the first movie on the lists & when i got it in mail & the first chance i got i put in my Xbox 360 cuise i don't have DVD player anymore & played it... it such awesome movie i was afraid that i wouldn't like cuise i saw ending but i was wrong it was so Gorey & it has great storytelling to it's like rest stop witch i love it's great movie.. i'm still confuse on witch who's killing the people maybe it was the guy who work at gas station or it was the girl friend of dennis farell whose play's him is shea whigham who you might seen him in the walking playing shane his great in this movie i think this movie was before he started the walking dead. & playing lacey balisle played by rachel kerb that was dennis girlfriend she was kinda sad but annoying at same time she was just i don't know she was good at the role but  i don't think could stand her if she stay in rest of movie. & playing Seth belzer played by paulo costanzo who you might seen him in road trip he played rubin carver or in 40 day & 40 night playing ryan. he was great in this role his one my favorite charters next to dennis & his girlfriend polly watt played by jill wagner who is in teen wolf playing kate argent. she great in this role of being girlfriend of seth cuise his kinda dorky then in the end movie he start beat crap of the splinter witch was cool to see him grow into a man throw the movie.

( the hand that stared walking around it was kinda creepy)

my rateing- 5 stars cuise it's that awesome & something i'll buy & see agein..

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