Thursday, February 5, 2015

My review on January box of dread

my review on box of dread...

got blaze elizabeth / bessie

my open box of dread

box subscription : box of dread
theme: horror
how many items: 6

my review: okay i'd been looks for best box subscription for horror fan like me their's horror block but it like 100 dollars mouth witch too much then i found box of dread that only 27.00 a mouth witch is awesome os i finally got it yesterday i couldn't wait to open it .. frist if you see in pic their some much goodie i was afraid that it would suck & it would not be that much but i was wrong!! i got 6 things in my box frist one is make your own zombie action firgure & model it very cool i was thinking giveing it to my nephew but i'd might kept it for my self lol.. the next thing is the army of darkness issue #1 witch cool i can't wait to read it.. then photo of todd farmer wirter of jason x, my bloody valentine, the messagers that his autographed on it witch is cool I need get this framed & then their space invaders bottle opener I probably never use it cause i don't drink beer that much but it's cool I might use it sometime & a sticker of mini toys that I need find place put it & then mini toy aliens witch cute & cool when on display. other then that im happy with my frist box & worth 27 dollars a mouth & i can't wait for february box ..

my rateing : 5 stars

1).crate your own zombie ( action figure / model)

2).the army of darkness issue #1

3).todd farmer autographed photo

4).space invaders bottle opener

 sticker of mini toys

mini toy aliens

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